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Information Systems Case Study

Challenges emerging from useless data frameworks in assembling SMEs  ± contextual investigations J. G. Thoburn Coventry University, UK S. Arunachalam Coventry University, UK A. Gunasekaran University of Massachusetts, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA Keywords Information frameworks, Agile creation, Small-to-medium-sized ventures Introduction Today, fabricating associations are progressively required to be profoundly optimised.Abstract The capacity to react quickly and adequately The need of keeping up optito produce new items and administrations has mal activities and turning into a coordinated and responsive undertaking is become less a technique for increasing upper hand, however increasingly a methods for getting progressively imperative to make due in the worldwide market. endurance. Numerous organizations have seen the need Consequently, all assets in the to embrace an entire scope of practices that diminish organizations should be successfully data sources and squander, an d permit more noteworthy responmarshalled.Traditionally SMEs siveness to client needs and the markethave focused on the 4Ms  ± cash, materials, machine and spot. In response to changing necessities labor yet have regularly neand conditions, fabricating standards glected the compelling administration keep on being characterized. It is conceivable to recognize of data, which numerous creators recommend is at the core of two patterns: those tending to overwhelmingly any deft organisation.The impact the connections required in neighborhood and worldwide is lacking or divided infor-exchanging situations, for example, that portrayed mation frameworks (IS) that don't by Porter (1996) and those frameworks concentrating on address the requests of operational or the more extensive key needs authoritative structures inside an enterof the organization. The investigation repeat, for example, business process re-building ported here analyzes the diversi(Hammer and Champy, 1993).Arguably, the ti es of issues that happen in spry assembling worldview joins both. three unique organizations and, Changes in data innovation and analyzes their frameworks to the interchanges over the most recent two decades have beliefs of lithe assembling. further moved the parity towards the client. There has been a colossal development in the quantity of PCs being used, putting immense force on the work area, at ever-diminishing equipment cost.The appearance of the Internet and the extension of the free market in broadcast communications present the choice of basic and ease correspondence. Presently it has gotten simple for all players in the gracefully chain, or even individual buyers, to quantify determination, cost and flexibly execution against their requirements. They can buy merchandise that definitely meet their prerequisites from anyplace on the planet, bypassing any apparent weaknesses of their nearby marketplace.In reaction to the requirement for deftness or the necessities to interfac e various pieces of the International Journal of Agile association or components of a gracefully chain Management Systems 1/2 [1999] 116â ±126 successfully, frameworks are developing that may # MCB University Press generally change the association of [ISSN 1465-4652] assembling. All together that they may [ 116 ] accomplish this, organizations should unmistakably comprehend and sort out their data assets at the most punctual conceivable stage in their development.It is evident that solitary those undertakings that can react to advertise requests with least defer will endure. Kidd (1996) contends: The dexterity that emerges can be utilized for upper hand, by having the option to react quickly to changes happening in the market condition and through the capacity to utilize and abuse an essential asset, information. Individuals should be united, in unique groups conformed to unmistakably characterized showcase openings, with the goal that it gets conceivable to level each other's info rmation. Through this procedure is looked for the change of information into new items and services.High response adaptability will be close to a qualifier later on, similarly as top notch is today. This adaptability can't be acknowledged by cutting edge hardware alone. Human imagination and hierarchical capacity, if important upheld by cutting edge PC based instruments, will be the reason for endurance and achievement procedures. This paper depicts concentrates over a time of 15 months, of three organizations, and examinations how far they are away from having the capacity to get lithe, by inspecting the territories that were dysfunctional.It investigates the significance of data the executives and evaluates data frameworks set up in these organizations. It examines the requirement for an increasingly organized and all encompassing way to deal with moving data in its different structures to the various regions of an association, intending to give ideal access to data while disposin g of inefficient duplication just as creating and testing new information about the association's evolving necessities. Data characterized The term data is generally and frequently incorrectly utilized. Numerous creators concur that J. G. Thoburn, S. Arunachalam and A.Gunasekaran Difficulties emerging from broken data frameworks in assembling SMEs  ± contextual analyses International Journal of Agile Management Systems 1/2 [1999] 116â ±126 there are three natural sorts: information, data and information. Notwithstanding, this paper contends that there is a fourth, knowledge, which is particular from the others. Everything except information require a comprehension of the socially characterized setting  ± where the data, information and insight originated from, the suppositions encompassing them, and their significance and impediments. Every one of them might be characterized as follows: .Data: a progression of perceptions, estimations or realities. . Data: data will be informat ion sorted out into significant examples by methods for the utilization of information. The demonstration of sorting out information into data would itself be able to create information, when an individual peruses, comprehends, deciphers and applies the data in a particular work circumstance. . Information: the scholarly capital inhabitant inside an association. The realities, encounters or skills known by an individual or gathering of individuals, or held inside an association, picked up by individual or shared encounters, preparing or instruction. Insight: what an organization has to think about its serious, monetary, specialized and industry condition to empower it to envision change and define techniques to best accommodate the necessities of the commercial center and its particular clients. However numerous parts of an organization's IS are based, not around formal or innovation based arrangements, but instead on casual or human situated frameworks. Mintzberg (1997) inspected a wide scope of administrative work, dominatingly in huge associations. He announced that directors, while 40 percent of their time was committed to picking up and sharing data, normally utilized casual frameworks fixated on people.Nevertheless, he presumed that: the activity of overseeing is in a general sense one of preparing data. that dealing with an organization was basically a matter of control. In any case, this infers an unbending nature of structure and custom that doesn't fit well with the present association, and absolutely doesn't advance readiness. Compliment, less various leveled business frameworks limit control and make it hard for the board to accomplish undertaking wide guideline. Smith (1984) in any case, accepted that the imperativeness of living frameworks was not a matter of control, but instead of dynamic connectedness.Veryard (1994) contends that: frameworks are a unique interaction among adjustment and non-adjustment. This is unequivocally what is required in deft associations, where there remains the requirement for strength and responsibility, in a situation of vital and maybe fast change. Dynamic connectedness in a dexterous association is given by the progressions of formal and casual data. Veryard further recommends that: the future has a place with advantageous interaction  ± outer combination in quest for regular business points. The creators' examination and experience shows that casual frameworks are similarly significant in all aspects of the organisation.This seems, by all accounts, to be particularly evident in littler associations, where they have less evolved conventional frameworks, or formal frameworks are not performing ideally. So as to more readily comprehend and incorporate the IS, the crucial job of casual frameworks must be considered. The requirement for data frameworks in SMEs to effectively convey and control for the majority of this century, old style the board essayists, for example, Henri Fayol (1949) and G ulick and Urwick (1937) trained This is prove in those all-inclusive ventures currently answered to be emerging.If this natural view is sought after, it very well may be seen that natural life forms, particularly human ones, accomplish accurately the consistent adjustment that is depicted in the nimble worldview. The best people can mix data from their outer condition, with information on their own capacities, utilizing formal and casual frameworks, while holding data and information in memory. There is steady structure and maintenance of information, with skills instructed by model just as by the proper techniques to be found in training and training.Concurrently, huge numbers of the control and co-appointment frameworks, even those educated, become to a great extent autonomic, allowing progressively compelling handling of natural and conditional changes. Such frameworks might be unmistakably seen at work in people when they are, for instance, driving a vehicle. Inability to work s uccessfully in those conditions prompts extreme outcomes. Additionally, by consolidating with others, capacities might be stretched out to be definitely more than the whole of the parts.Accordingly, natural frameworks may give helpful models to what might be required to happen in assembling associations of things to come. With natural life forms, the requirement for versatile ISs is generally significant in development and early learning stages, or in the midst of an essentially

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5 Career Strategies You Can Take from The Art of War

5 Career Strategies You Can Take from The Art of War In the event that you’ve ever perused The Art of War by Sun Tzu, you realize that it was intended to be a guide for genuine fighting. Taken marginally less actually, every one of these hundreds of years after the fact, it’s likewise a convenient guide for drawing closer and enduring any sort of contention, including those at work also a fabulous introduction for building your administration aptitudes. Let’s take a gander at a portion of the key focuses in the book that you can apply to your own career.1. Procedure is Everythingâ€Å"Victorious warriors win first and afterward do battle, while crushed warriors do battle first and afterward try to win.†If you don’t have an arrangement, it’s simple to get buried in the everyday and dismiss your objectives. It’s pivotal to have present moment and long haul proficient objectives so you’re gaining dynamic ground, rather than simply managing whatever comes your direction and looking ou t for the following thing.2. Be Ready to Compromiseâ€Å"The most noteworthy triumph is what requires no battle.†You may know you’re directly on a specific point or an approach to get things done, however inquire as to whether I bet everything on this, what is accomplished here? Some portion of being a colleague implies being prepared to bargain and haggle to ensure work is completing. On the off chance that you’re taking a shot at your own, at that point sure-it’s your way or disaster will be imminent. In the event that you’re working with others, it’s essential to consider their perspectives also. Realizing your needs can assist you with making sense of when it’s imperative to battle for something, and when you’d be in an ideal situation finding a compromise.3. Keep Calmâ€Å"The incomparable specialty of war is to repress the foe without fighting.†Work isn't the spot to lose your cool, in any event, when things are un pleasant, or somebody drives you crazy. Discover elective approaches to settle clashes without shouting. You can likewise take a shot at your at-work unwinding strategies to assist you with adapting to pressure and resolve issues without taking off the handle.4. Grasp Office Politicsâ€Å"He will win who realizes how to deal with both predominant and second rate forces.†Workplaces have legislative issues. This is similarly as obvious on the off chance that you work in a drive-through joint all things considered on the off chance that you work for a Fortune 500 organization. Whenever you set up various characters to accomplish shared objectives, some portion of your own activity will be cooperating with others to ensure you’re getting things done.Rather than stay away from clashes, take a shot at them and through them. You’ll be constructing acceptable abilities, and piling on experience focuses you can highlight later for an advancement or another job.5. Keep Yo ur Confidence Levels Upâ€Å"You need to put stock in yourself.†Strategy, arranging, and great propensities are awesome approaches to support your vocation, yet they’re not the most significant component you are. On the off chance that you play to your qualities and realize that you can deal with whatever comes your direction (regardless of whether it requires some additional fight arranging), that certainty can improve both your work execution and the nature of chances that come your direction.

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CVS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

CVS - Essay Example As contenders, the two organizations screen the moves of one another along these lines guaranteeing that they change their showcasing methodologies as needs be. CVS Pharmacy’s items are less expensive than the medications at Walgreen. The distinction in the costs emerges from the uniqueness of the business sectors the two drug stores target. Medications at CSV are averagely $1 less expensive than at Walgreen. Walgreen focuses on the affluent while CVS focuses on the working class a component that legitimizes the distinctions in evaluating. The two drug stores publicize their items and administrations in various media relying upon the cost ramifications of such other than their adequacy in arriving at the intended interest group. Such media incorporate boards, radio, TV and paper among numerous others. Furthermore, the drug stores appreciate vital areas in the urban areas, an element that depicts the entrepreneurs’ thought of spot as a principal component of the showcasing blend. Internet based life is one more promoting stage that the two drug stores use distinctively in developing their pieces of the overall industry. â€Å"Such various stages as Facebook and Twitter offer advertisers with one of a kind stages for associations as the two gatherings share data by posting on the dividers of each other.† (Palmer 53). The two drug stores utilize the destinations diversely inferable from their exceptional structures and hierarchical societies. CVs drug store has various Facebook pages and gatherings in which the company’s advertisers connect with their intended interest groups through posts and remarks in this manner sharing thoughts on the exhibition of the drug store in the market. Other than Facebook, the organization has a few Twitter accounts, which fills a comparable need. Walgreen has comparable stages in which it speaks with its intended interest group while doing similarly viable advertising inquires about. CVS Pharmacy for instance acquainted web based shopping owing with the coming of

How to Survive a Winter Storm or Blizzard

Step by step instructions to Survive a Winter Storm or Blizzard Realizing how to endure a snowstorm or other winter storm is a pivotal, (however ideally unused) piece of information everybody should know. There are different kinds of winter storms and each can be savage killers. Imagine being snowed inâ or being abandoned in a vehicle during a snowstorm. Okay skill to endure? This guidance could spare your life. The most effective method to Survive a Winter Storm Outside: Look for some type of asylum right away. Blowing winds can cause the breeze chill to diminish your center internal heat level to hazardous levels. The danger of frostbite and hypothermia increment consistently you are presented to the cold weather.If you are wet, attempt to get dry. Lighting a little fire won't just give warmth however will empower your attire to dry out.Deep snow can really go about as a protection from the breeze and cold temperatures. Burrowing a snow cavern can really spare your life.Stay hydrated, however DO NOT eat snow. (Because your body must warmth the ice so as to soften it into water, youd really lose heat.) If you do get your water from day off, sure to dissolve it beforeâ drinking it. (For instance, useâ a warming source or aberrant body heat like a container inside your jacket, yet not straightforwardly close to yourâ skin.)â In a Car or Truck: Never leave yourâ vehicle. On the off chance that you are abandoned, it will offerâ a type of assurance from overexposure to the virus. A solitary individual strolling through the snow is likewise harder to discover than an abandoned vehicle or truck.It is alright to run the vehicle for brief periods to give some warmth. Make sure to break the windows a modest quantity to take into consideration the course of outside air. Risky fumes vapor, including carbon monoxide, can develop rapidly. This is particularly obvious if the tailpipe is covered in the snow.Keep yourself moving. A vehicle offers no place for you to keep your blood streaming, yet practice is an absolute necessity. Applaud, step your feet, and move around however much as could reasonably be expected in any event once 60 minutes. Notwithstanding keeping your body moving, shield your psyche and soul from getting down, discouraged, or excessively stressed.Make the vehicle noticeable for a salvage. Balance bits of splendid shaded fabric or plastic from the windows. In the event that the snow has quit falling, open the hood of the vehicle as a sign of misery. At Home: On the off chance that the power goes out, utilize an elective type of warmth with alert. Chimneys and lamp fuel radiators can be perilous without legitimate ventilation. Get kids far from any elective warmth source.Stick to one space for warmth and close off pointless rooms in the house. Ensure there are no air spills in the room. Keep daylight spilling through the windows in the day, however coverâ all windows around evening time to keep warm air in and cold outside air out.Keep hydrated and sustained in the event that the warmth is out for an all-inclusive timeframe. An undesirable body will be more vulnerable to the cold than a sound one.Pets should likewise be shielded from the virus. At the point when temperatures dip under freezing, outside pets ought to be moved inside or to a shielded zone to shield them from the virus. Different Tips for Winter Weather Safety Continuously have a winter climate survival kit accessible. While these can be bought, its in every case best toâ create your own first aid pack for your home and your vehicle to tailor it to the climate danger. In the event that you have little youngsters, make sure to really work on utilizing the units. In case of a winter crisis, children should know where the pack is found and how to utilize it. Notwithstanding having a winter wellbeing unit, all relatives ought to have the option to perceive the indications of hypothermia and fundamental emergency treatment for cold introduction. At long last, if your area is inclined to winter tempests of any sort, consider buyingâ a climate radio with the goal that regardless of youre consistently connected to the most recent gauge. Various kinds of winter climate warnings each have their own threats. You mightâ also like to look at these extra winter climate assets: 5 Ways to Keep Warm in Cold Winter WeatherWinter precipitation: day off, and freezing rainWhat is a noreaster?Whats a lake impact blizzard? Refreshed by Tiffany Means References A Guide to Survival from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - National Weather Service Warning and Forecast Branch, November 1991 NOAA/FEMA/The American Red Cross

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President of Higher Education Services Corporation Essay Example

Leader of Higher Education Services Corporation Essay Example Leader of Higher Education Services Corporation Paper Leader of Higher Education Services Corporation Paper As the world travels through the 21st century, we really want to perceive the rate at which new infections are being found spread and treated. The medicinal services framework is overburdened as the patients and malady complexities persistently increment messed up with regards to the social insurance laborers and suppliers. This bill was presented in thought with the waning number of medicinal services laborers. This bill should expand the quantity of laborers in the social insurance framework. This is through arrangement of money related help in type of grants to nursing understudies or the individuals who need to enter any nursing program with grants. It additionally targets establishments like universities that offer nursing and gives them awards. These assets are for extension of projects that train medical caretakers, to set up more offices for nursing understudies and include the open doors for nursing instruction at network based associations. In the event that the bill is established the Commissioner of Education, Health and President of Higher Education Services Corporation can distinguish deficiencies in New York and dispatch some prepared medical caretakers understudies under this program. He can likewise dispatch educators to prepare nursing understudies at any office that needs more staff. The bill is supported essentially by Scozzafava. Other co-supports are Giglio, Bacalles and Errigo. There are additionally different multisponsors who are included. These incorporate Mc Donough, Miller, Oaks, Quinn, Burling, Barclay, Kolb, Finch, Tedisco, Raia and Sayward. Anyway like some other bill, there are the individuals who contradict the bill. The association of laborers is one of them. They feel it will be monetary extorting to get individuals into a calling that they are not by any means intrigued by. On the off chance that this bill can get financing from the state spending plan, different associations will attempt to do likewise. in the occasion there will be raising of duties to provide food for this assets. This will prompt open objection and more resistance towards the bill. The primary point of the bill is to give assets and awards to nursing instruction It will bolster both open and private baccalaureate and graduate nursing training program. This bill is additionally expected to builds preparing programs as opposed to balancing existent uses. This subsidizing will likewise continue the medical caretaker instructors as they offer educating administrations. This subsidizing guarantees that more inhabitants are selected into the nursing proficient and they get held in the calling. This bill additionally targets more established nursing understudies who might be encountering issues in getting advances because of obligation commitments. This program will prompt depleting assets of an association. It needs to step up and increment methods of getting income. The individual association needs to plan and work intimately with the administration so the state can put aside a few assets in its financial plan. In the event that the state doesn't contribute, the included patrons need to contribute more to accommodate this program. There are both positive and negative effects. Inhabitants may enroll for this program for individual purposes like getting monetary salary while they are not keen on offering the types of assistance. The quantity of understudy enlisted might be such huge numbers of with the end goal that the association will most likely be unable to provide food for every one of them. A few inhabitants may go into a profession that they are not inspired by and not of their decision in view of the free assets. This may make them to offer poor types of assistance any place they will be appended. This may prompt disintegration of the picture of the medicinal services associations where they will work and therefore increment in versatility of the populace. On the positive side, there will be more laborers in the social insurance framework consequently calming the as of now overburdened laborers. There will be an incredible improvement in administration conveyance. This will prompt decreased baby and grown-up portability at emergency clinics because of absence of customized care and consideration. There will be more access to nursing instruction inside foundations of higher learning in New York State. Because of expanded workforce there will be additional time made for those medical caretakers who are working thus they can invest more energy for their families. The activity will be all the more intriguing on the grounds that medical attendants who are intrigued to facilitate their vocations have reserves allocated for them. This will prompt arrangement of excellent administrations at emergency clinics and other human services associations. This bill isn't acceptable in light of the fact that it will cause rivalry among different experts and they may likewise be compelled to make theirs with arrangements like this bill. Different resources like building can guarantee deficiency and get associations to support them. On the off chance that there is no enough supports that implies the state needs to contribute which implies more consumption of state assets and increment of expense that will bigly affect the citizen. Numerous establishments will get offices to accommodate this nursing calling and this may prompt an overproduction of medical caretakers. Inhabitants may get into the nursing calling to get these grants as a method of salary and subsequently this will occupy the first reason for the bill. Because of the over burden in the number medical attendants in the human services framework. This will prompt bringing down of their wages stripping the existent advantages so the human services framework can have the option to pay the new expanded workforce. Numerous individuals who had advances may not take care of in time. This will make leasers not loan out cash to foundations and different understudies. A few vocations may have no new passages since they don't have this grant. This will result into decreasing of different vocations and experts in the general public. There will be an imbalanced expert society. REFERENCES 1. Universal Council of Nurses; International Nursing Review The Council, 1954 2. Keith Trandel; Nursing and The Law; Jones and Bartlett, 1997 3. Venture Hope; Health Affairs; Project Hope, 1981

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File Reading Part III -Work Ethic, Integrity and Maturity - UGA Undergraduate Admissions

File Reading Part III -Work Ethic, Integrity and Maturity - UGA Undergraduate Admissions File Reading Part III -Work Ethic, Integrity and Maturity From January through mid-March, the admissions staff will hide out in our offices and read files during our holistic file reading process. There are six main areas that we look at in our file reading process, and this post covers the last two areas, focusing on a students work ethic and integrity/maturity. Work Ethic Scene from the movie Rudy Ara Parseghian: Whats your problem, OHare, whats your problem? Jamie OHara: Last practice of the season and this ***** thinks its the Super Bowl! Ara Parseghian: You just summed up your entire sorry career here in one sentence! If you had a tenth of the heart of Ruettiger, youd have made All-American by now! As it is, you just went from third team to the prep team! Get out of here! Rudy One area of admissions that is not always talked about, but which has a great impact over the entire file, is the idea of work ethic and integrity. When you watch the movie Rudy, you see a young man that, while not possessing the greatest football skills, is able to translate sheer will and determination to get onto the football field and play at least one play for Notre Dame (although his academic drive is at times less than desired).When I am reading a file, I am trying to get a sense of who this applicant is, what they do with their time, and the effort they put into the things they participate in, from class work to sports to activities. Do they put in the time and sweat equity to get the work done well, or just get done with the job? Do they put forth the effort to make an A, or are they happy to settle for a C? I am looking for clues, be it in the recommendations, the essays, the commitment of time and/or the difference between potential and results, that will show me what a students work ethic is like. I often see phrases such as this student has a lot of untapped potential or this student is an overachiever. We prefer the overachiever, the one that has taken what they have been given and gone beyond everyones expectations. Maturity/Integrity/Respect for Others Tied in with work ethic is the idea of personal maturity and integrity. When a student is faced with a dilemma, how do they handle themselves now, and how will they handle themselves at UGA? Do they take responsibility and handle issues in a mature fashion, or do they blame others? One telling item (though by no means the only one), is how a student deals with discipline/conduct issues. I have looked at the large majority of files where there is a conduct/criminal issue, and it is very telling as to how a student reacts. Some will take full responsibility, and focus on both making amends and getting back on track. On the other hand, I have seen students make the same mistakes over and over, relying on someone else to get them out of their situation. Maturity also shows up in a persons interaction with others, be it teachers, friends or classmates. These students will be studying in UGAs classrooms, living in the residence halls, and being a part of our community, so interaction with others is important. Several years ago, I read a great book by Robert Fulghum called All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten, and a portion of it applies to the last part of File Reading: Share everything. Play fair. Dont hit people. Put things back where you found them. Clean up your own mess. Dont take things that arent yours. Say youre sorry when you hurt somebody. In looking at applicants, we are looking at future members of the UGA community. They will be living in the residence halls together, studying together, dating, hanging out, and generally interacting with the people in the UGA community 24/7. In light of this, I want to know how they interact with other people in their own community right now. Do they play nice with the other kids in school, are they respectful to people from other cultures, backgrounds, socioeconomic groups, how do they treat teachers, etc. In other words, how well do they get along with others? We look at recommendation letters, essays, personal notes, and other indicators to get an understanding of this. It does not always come through clearly, but we many times can see this through the comments in the overall application. I am not saying that this is the biggest part of the file review by any means, but it does come into play, especially when we see very positive or very negative situations.

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Mass Media and Popular Culture - Free Essay Example

* * * * * * * * * * Mass Media and Popular Culture Paper SOC/105 * * * * In today’s society mass media has a huge impact on enculturation. Enculturation is a process where individuals learn a specific culture by instruction, experience and observation (wordnet princeton, 2010). Mass media can be described as the means by which the media is used to reach a large audience. Some of the most common examples of mass media are books, magazines, recordings, radio, newspapers, movies, television, and the Internet (Lane, 2007). Through this medium, messages, ideas, news, and trends are delivered daily. Society thrives on mass media and not only has this influenced individual’s culture it has now become part of the American culture (Thompson, 1990). Mass media can have both a positive and negative impact in society and enculturation. Becoming knowledgeable of technologically may positively influence our lives; by keeping us communicated and competitive in the workforce. Other messages sent by the mass media specifically to our children may not have such positive outcome. One of the topics found in every artifact of mass media is sex. Sex is no longer a delicate topic explained by parents or adults in a responsible anner. It has now become a common topic that plagues society. Sexual messages are delivered through mass media as marketing strategies daily. Sexual images are depicted in magazines, billboards, or even television shows and cartoons. Society as a whole has become more receptive to any product that is sold using this type of marketing. Dressing sexy, sexual encounter s and even talking about sex has become acceptable and normal to most people. This has been possible due to the overexposure of sex and sexual content delivered through mass media (Thompson, 1990). Media, advertising, and the formation of normative cultural values have an important relationship. Media and advertising form a vital relationship because the media has the ability to improve the effectiveness of many advertisements. The media does this by portraying a specific brand or product as more popular or of better quality than others, by giving indirect but swaying instructions on where to purchase the product. The media and advertisements are used to sort social categories that offer an idea of what consumers need in the individuals daily life. For instance, the media shows an individual what clothes is popular to wear depending on an individual’s social category, such as boots and Levis for cowboys or ranchers. The media also provides exciting activities, food preferences, and how individuals should look. Then companies research popular trends and manufacture those types of products and advertise through television, internet, radio, billboards, magazines, and newsletters (Craig, March 22, 1997). As stated previously the media and advertising is used to get individuals attention and generate a need for items that individuals never thought were needed. For instance, the images depicted in the media may create a feeling of discontent of an individual’s way of living, assets, and appearance. Then advertisements show model images that promise if used the advertised product will assist in moving an individual closer to a desired state. Most individuals have a desire to delay the aging process and will buy any product that shows any form of proof the product works. The media assists advertising by sending the advertisements message to millions of individuals across the world depending on the product being sold (Craig, March 22, 1997). The media and advertising can form normative culture values. Normative cultural values are defined as behaviors and attitudes valued by a cultural group and reflect in relationships. This begins with societies youngest consumers. Children under the age of 10 are bombarded with witty advertisements of new toys, video games, and new technology. An example of media, advertising, and normative culture is Disney (Vincent, 2001). Disney has been around for many years and continues to grow in popularity with children and adults. Countless animated movies, programs, toys, games, and amusement parks have generated billions of dollars in revenue. Many individuals from all over the world particularly those with children, have the desire to visit a Disney theme park. Disney theme parks are known to be the most magical places on earth with the most exciting rides and entertainment. In many families visiting a Disney theme park together has become a tradition. Another example is Music Television (MTV), this example consists of entertainment programming. MTV has been huge part of American culture since 1991. MTV is a significant media outlet advertising music, clothing and accessory lines, and other various marketing tactics. Many individuals view MTV daily and are influenced by individuals in videos and shows on how to dress and what type of hair style to have. Society can access music videos and other programs on MTV through the internet at any time of the day (Vincent, 2001). The Internet has had a large impact on popular culture in many ways. Social sites such as MySpace and Face book have become increasingly popular in the last several years. The Internet is meant to keep people connected with old friends, assist in meeting new ones, and help stay connected with family. Individuals between the ages of 12 and 55 have a profile with at least one of these sites. Many individuals in society were hesitant to begin the use of computers in both the home and office. Some individuals were used to the way things were done such as filling papers in an office or doing research in a library. Now most individuals enjoy the capabilities of a computer and enjoy using the internet for numerous reasons (Wharton, May 3, 2006). Another popular site is eharmony. com; this site matches pairs and guarantees successful relationships. This site has about 10,000 to 15,000 new users a day (EHarmony, 2008). Individuals all over the world can connect using these sites. Using the Internet for instant messaging and e-mail has also become a faster way of communication. Popular cultures always want to be up to speed with the latest information in news, technology, trends, and the entertainment world. Having the Internet allows a connection between individuals and companies all over the world. For instance, some designers can send visuals through email of a clothing line to an individual in Europe and can discuss the line via the Internet (EHarmony, 2008). The Internet has a significant impact on interpersonal communication. This service provides many options to outsource companies. For example, a company based in Mexico can conduct a meeting with other company branches located in other countries. This can be done via the Internet through web cam. This should be the last resort for the company because it does take away from face-to-face interaction. Specifically when conducting a business meeting all participants should be in close proximity to each other. This will allow immediate and clear feedback whereas using web cam can be somewhat complex (Borchers, 1999). Most individuals receiving a job review or raise would prefer to be informed face to face because many believe this way is more meaningful. Employees receiving praise through an instant message or email may feel the manager does not respect the individual. Interpersonal communication helps form relationships between family, friends, and coworkers. With many individuals communicating via the Internet, potential bonds are less likely to occur than with face to face communication. The individuals fixated on popular culture state the Internet is faster and saves time, but ultimately takes away from the valuable aspects of interpersonal communication (Borchers, 1999). Reference Borchers, T. (1999) Interpersonal Communication Retrieved August 31, 2010 https://www. abacon. com/commstudies/interpersonal/indefinition. html Craig, T. (March 22, 1997) Why media matter: Toward a richer understanding on consumers relationships with advertising and mass media. Retrieved August 30, 2010 from https://www. allbusiness. com/marketing-advertising/public-relations-media/620854-1. html EHarmony (2008) Online dating magazine. Retrieved August 31, 2010 from https://www. onlinedatingmagazine. com/history/eharmonyhistory. html Thompson, J. B (1990). Ideology and Modern Culture: Critical social theory of mass Communication. Retrieved September 1, 2010 from https://eprints. lse. ac. uk//On_the_continuing_problems_of_media_effects_resear. pdf Vincent, R. (March16, 2001) Transnational Media and the Survival of